How to Create TestiMonials Display Repeater Control With Database Using JavaScript in Asp.Net C#.

Create TestiMonials Using JavaScript

Create Testimonials Using JavaScript and Display the Reprater Control Directly Call the SqlDataSource in Asp.Net C#.


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               HTML CODING

<html xmlns="">
<head id="Head1" runat="server">
    <link href="StyleSheet.css" rel="stylesheet" />

<style type="text/css">
margin: 0;
background: #F88FBA;
padding: 10px 50px;
position: relative;
font-family: Georgia, serif;
color: #666;
border-radius: 5px;
font-style: italic;
text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #BBDCFD;
background-image: linear-gradient(#FFFFFF, #FFFFFF);
.testimonial:before, .testimonial:after
content: "\201C";
position: absolute;
font-size: 80px;
line-height: 1;
color: #FFFFFF;
font-style: normal;
top: 0;
left: 10px;
content: "\201D";
right: 10px;
bottom: -0.5em;

width: 0;
height: 0;
border-left: 15px solid transparent;
border-right: 15px solid transparent;
border-top: 15px solid #F648C3;
margin: 0 0 0 25px;
margin: 0 0 0 25px;
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
color: #999;
.testimonial-author span
font-size: 12px;
color: #666;
    <form id="form1" runat="server">
   <div style="width:50%">
        <asp:Repeater ID="Repeater1" runat="server" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" OnItemCommand="Repeater1_ItemCommand">

    <blockquote class="testimonial">


<div class="arrow-down"></div>
<p class="testimonial-author"><%#Eval("author")%> | <span>   <%#Eval("address")%></span></p>

        <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" 
runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:dbcon %>" SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [test]"></asp:SqlDataSource>


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