Difference Between JavaScript And JQuery Using Asp.Net C#

Difference Between JavaScript And JQuery


1JavaScript is a Scripting Language Work With All Browser.
JQuery Contains Set of Library Functions Made of JavaScript .
2JavaScript Can Make Web Pages More Useful by Supplying Immediate FeedBack.
Creating a Web Based Application Using jQuery Becomes Easier
And More Useful To Customization. 

3JavaScript is a Combination of European Computer Manufacturers Association Script (ECMA) And Document Object Model (DOM).JQuery has a Document Object Model (DOM)
4JavaScript Cannot Possible To Use Animation.
JQuery Allow Easily To use Animation 

 JavaScript was designed to add interactivity to HTML pages

JavaScript Without Purchasing a License

jQuery Implements a High-Level Interface to do AJAX Requests 

JQuery Add Plugins  Or Directly Call Link.


<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.2.js"/>


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