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Models represent data and thus knowledge. It could be a single object or a hierarchy/tree of objects. However, they should only be dealing with only one problem domain, for example data about appointments is not in the same problem domain as the color of rectangle used to represent the appointment on the screen.


Views are the visual representation of their respective Models. It can highlight certain Model attributes (properties) and suppress others.
A presentation of data in a particular format, triggered by a controller's decision to present the data. They are script based templating systems like JSP, ASP, PHP and very easy to integrate with AJAX technology.


The unit of interaction that serves as a link between the User and the System. It presents data to User by arranging various Views appropriately. It also provides means for user input such as mouse operations and keystrokes. A controller should never supplement a View.
The controller is responsible for responding to user input and perform interactions on the data model objects. The controller receives the input, it validates the input and then performs the business operation that modifies the state of the data model.

What is MVC  Step by Step  Video 

ASP.NET MVC Pipeline

1.Controller Factories
2.Action Invokers
3.Model Binders
4.Action Filters
5.Action Results
6.View Engines


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